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Here is a 28-day programme that is helping women over 35 manage the first signs of perimenopause naturally. 

This 4-week plan contains all you need to reset your hormones and find your path to healthy hormonal balance. It includes weekly coaching and webinars to explain how your body is changing as you approach perimenopause, a specific supplement protocol provided by Nutri Advanced, a hormone-balance food plan, a progress workbook, and much more… 

So if your body is going through changes and your hormones are driving you crazy, sign up today and start feeling like yourself again. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

Your hormones are all over the place

Your sleep is terrible

You experience hot flushes

Your mood is very changeable

You are often feeling bloated

You are not alone.

Hormone imbalance has been a problem for me for many years. What I know now is that the sooner you address those symptoms the easier the transition into perimenopause and then into menopause. 

I retrained as a nutritionist 5 years ago to understand my body and to find a solution to my unpleasant symptoms: constant bloating, tender breasts, poor sleep, abdominal cramps and fatigue. Today I’m pleased to say that Nutritional Therapy has really changed my life. Yes, of course, I can feel changes in my body during each cycle but I understand what is going on and I know what to do about it. 

As a mum of a very active toddler and aged 46, I feel great and I want you to feel amazing also! This is why I am now introducing Hormone Harmony, a Group Nutrition Coaching Programme to help you manage your own hormonal symptoms.

Hormone Harmony

A Natural Approach To Perimenopause For Women Who Want Freedom

A brand new online nutrition programme designed specifically for women over 35 who want to manage perimenopausal symptoms naturally.

Address your hormone imbalance naturally meaning you can enjoy life fully.

Eat the best food for your body so you feel nourished and less bloated.

Improve your sleep so you wake up feeling energised and in a good mood.

Manage your weight so that you feel more confident.

Learn about your body to such an extent that you feel reassured about your hormonal journey.

This isn’t like any nutrition or weight loss program you have seen or experienced before. 

You are probably thinking that this is going to be another food plan with big promises. But let me share a few things with you. 

The Hormone Harmony programme is like no other programme out there. Not only was it designed specifically for women over the age of 35, and based on my expertise, I know that most other programs out there will also leave you…

- Apprehensive and Overwhelmed: You are provided with so much information, leaving you feeling stressed and quickly discouraged to carry on.

- Eating The Same Bland And Boring Foods. Trust me, I’m a foodie originally from France. So you will not crave your favourite foods with this program.

- Returning To Your Old Self Soon After because the program did not fit with YOUR lifestyle.

The Hormone Harmony programme is about empowering you with all the knowledge and tools you need to manage your perimenopausal symptoms naturally.

The aim of the programme is to provide you with:

Renewed Energy to do the things you love

Improved Sleep Patterns

Emotional and Mental Stability

Confidence In Your Body

Improved Mental Clarity, Focus and Concentration

Comments from previous participants: 

Diane feedback short

"I found the Hormone Harmony programme very informative. I learnt a lot about oestrogen among other things and knowledge is key! I loved the live sessions, 30mins is an ideal length for the talks but liked how you were happy to chat after. I find it useful to have the power points from each talk so I can refer back to them. It's not always easy to retain everything. "

[Sara-Jane, Redhill].

Paivi review
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Hormone Harmony

Next Programme starts on 10th May 2021

For £299, this is what you get: 

4-week Coaching designed to fit in with your lifestyle

Weekly educational sessions to empower you today and for the future

Weekly tasks to create new healthy habits to balance your hormones naturally

Hormone balancing food list, recipes and supplement recommendations

Expert advice from a Nutritional Therapist who can share her own experience

A 360-degree approach to your health – as well as a focus on your hormones, you will learn how to achieve optimum health. 

High Quality Supplements
Food plan, recipes and shopping lists
Sample Menu

Do you want to learn how to keep your hormones happy?

4 weekly education sessions via zoom

Week 1: How to balance Oestrogen and Reduce Unwanted Symptoms

Week 2: The critical role of the Liver and Bile for Detoxification

Week 3: The Mulitude of Factors affecting Hormone Balance

Week 4: Caring for our Gut is caring for our General Health

The programme starts officially on 10th May 2021. When you sign up, your Hormone Harmony pack will be ordered for you from Nutri Advanced. It will contain all the supplements, the food plan, food lists, and the workbook to record your progress. 

The first thing to do while you wait for your pack is to prepare so that you are ready for the official start date. You will be sent some information to help you do that week commencing  1st February. 

Hormone Harmony


This is free when you book before Sunday: 

1 personalised consultation (worth £110) for the first 3 people to book

1 week personalised meal plan (worth £75)

Free e-book "5 steps to reducing bloating after eating".

Are You Ready To Feel In Control Of Your Body Again?

Limited spaces, don't miss out!

About Sandrine

Sandrine is a Registered Nutritional Therapist (mBant, rCNHC) and a qualified Nutrition Coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.
In her Nutritional Therapy clinic, Sandrine helps women who experience digestive issues such as bloating, cramps, migraines, IBS symptoms and period pains. Her passion is to find the root cause of those symptoms in order to bring relief and if possible complete disappearance of symptoms.

Medical information disclaimer:

You must not rely solely on the information in this program and on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult with your doctor. 

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