Upcoming event: Children’s Nutrition Workshop

by Sandrine, 10/26/2015

Children’s Nutrition Workshop in Worcester Park, Surrey and other locations on demand

Are you concerned about your children’s Nutrition? Find out my top tips to boost growth, energy, concentration and general wellbeing of your children through simple yet nutrient packed foods.

I am delighted to introduce a unique “Nutrition For Kids” workshop for parents concerned about their children’s diet. Children are growing very fast and therefore need good nutrition to help keep them healthy, maintain appropriate weight and prevent future health conditions.

It is so easy to get into a routine and choose convenient food items when you are pushed for time; But are the foods you provide your children packed full of nutrients? Are you concerned about the amount of sugar and salt your children are consuming and the effect it may have on their body? Are you looking for simple, affordable and quick ideas to boost your children’s nutrition? If so, this workshop is just for you!

In this 2-hour workshop, I will cover the key nutrients children tend to lack in today’s standard diet and where to find them in foods. I will also share healthy meal and snack ideas that are highly nutritious and quick and easy to prepare.

What previous participants have said:

Very Helpful with some good tips and good suggestions for alternative healthier snack options (Sam, Worcester Park)

Very friendly, very organised, knowledgeable, loved the cooked food for ideas and loved the handouts (Sarah, Worcester Park)

Sandrine is very lovely, easy to talk to and she has unique ideas to make my family eat healthier food (Vanessa, Worcester Park)


LOCATION: Worcester Park, Fitzroy House, Suite 12, Lynwood Drive KT4 7AT

Other locations on demand – please email s.olmi@savoirfayre.co.uk 

TIME: 7.00pm – 9.00pm

TICKETS: £20 including food tasters

Email s.olmi@savoirfayre.co.uk to register your interest. 

Feel free to share this event with your friends and colleagues.
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