Nutriclean detox Programme

by Sandrine, 11/28/2015

A step by step detox programme to lead you into a healthy new YOU! 

Detoxification is a critical ongoing process for achieving and maintaining health in the body. The 14 day detox plan is specifically designed to kickstart this detoxification process. Targeting the liver, the programme aims to increase energy, help with weight loss, improve sleep, healthy ageing and reduce the body’s toxic load.

How does this work?

The programme works in two ways: First, it reduces toxic stress by removing toxins, food allergens, and other “stresses” from the diet and environment, and second, it provides nutrients (through whole foods, quality protein, fruit and vegetables, as well as supplements) that help support optimal liver and digestive function.

A presentation of the programme will be done during the initial consultation (in person or via Skype) as well as an assessment of your current health.

You will be sent a pack including a Nutri Advanced supplement protocol along with an information pack about allowed foods and recipes. Before you start the programme, you will be asked to fill in:

• A Toxic Exposure Questionnaire

• A Medical Symptoms Questionnaire

• A Data Collection Sheet with basic information about weight, BMI and waist:hip ratio

This information will help you track your progress.

The programme is divided up into sections. On days 1-6 and days 10-14, you consume 3 meals and 2 snacks (1 to include a serving of UltraClear Plus pH). Days 7-9 are liquid only days where you consume 3 servings of UltraClear Plus pH as well as juices, smoothies or soups.

Throughout the programme, you will get support via email.

At the end of the programme, you will have a 30 minutes consultation to assess the results.

Expected results

Targeting the liver, the programme aims to increase energy, help with weight loss, improve sleep,healthy ageing and reduce the body’s toxic load.

Previous resultsData from 54 participants was evaluated and the following results were calculated. Weight: 95% (52/55) of participants recorded a reduction in weight loss over the 2 weeks. The average weight loss was 1.7 kilograms. BMI: 93% (51/55) of participants recorded a drop in BMI.

This programme is ideal to kickstart a long term health regime. It helps to re-establish healthy eating habits and is suitable for individuals aiming to reduce sugar and caffeine intake. 

What is included in the NutriClean package?

  • Day by day programme guidelines
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Workbooks to record progress
  • Regular support throughout the programme via email
  • 30 minute follow up telephone consultation at the end of the programme

NutriClean package cost 

Individual programme: £279 for a 2 week programme + 1 free additional consultation 2 weeks later

Next steps

To book your place, contact me on or call me on 07983 335647. If you wish to purchase this programme as a gift, I can provide a gift voucher. To secure your place, full payment will be required.

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