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by Sandrine, 04/07/2015

Nutrition: When a passion turns into a mission 

Smoothie (brochure)After 16 years in food marketing and motivated by the desire to solve personal health issues, I decided to explore the world of nutrition. 3 years of fascinating studies have led to a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and a desire to share my knowledge with others.
I truly believe that food can be nourishing and healing. Originally from France, I am a real foodie with a love for locally grown produce. I was lucky to grow up eating fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden. I like to follow the seasons with the produce I eat as they are more tasty and nutritious. I love inspiring people about good food as well as providing them with the tools to look after their own health.

I have a particular interest in female health, weight management, stress management, digestive issues, food allergies and food intolerances. These are all issues I have had to deal with myself.

bigstock-cheerful-family-cooking-togeth-13705145I offer workshops for families who wish to rediscover how to cook simple nutritious meals from scratch. I also have a passion for product development and food marketing. I will, however, only promote products that are natural or made with good quality ingredients. For more details about my professional marketing experience, please visit my Linked In profile.


A bit more about me

I love discovering what the world has to offer. Connecting with people and nature is big on my priority list. I spend my spare time with family and friends, traveling to unspoilt places, cooking, relaxing somewhere leafy and fresh such as one of the wonderful parks in London and so much more. My lovely husband can’t keep up with me!


While learning about nutrition, I have discovered the importance of caring for our own body. Whatever we put in, we get back. When we take the time to listen to our body, we can fix it as soon as something does not feel right. My mission is to help people reconnect with their bodies and with real food.

“Let your food be your medicine” Hippocrates

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