Did you know you can boost your mood with simple foods?


Lift your mood with feel good foods

There are so many reasons to feel under the weather at the moment. Whatever your level of anxiety, the first thing to think about when it comes to lifting our mood is the food we eat.

When our body is under stress, it uses up our supply of key vitamins and minerals. Unless we replenish those every day, we can start feeling low.

Today I am sharing a little guide that focuses on 7 food groups that can make a huge difference to your feeling of stress and overwhelm.

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Let nature lift your spirits

This year has been so eventful for everyone. I have no doubt that you are doing your absolute best to keep your family happy and healthy.

But HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? If the answer is "not so good", please read on. It is time to give your body some extra LOVE

Anxiety can trigger your flight-or-fight stress response and release an array of chemicals and hormones, into your system. When this happens occasionally, your body is more than capable of recuperating. However, our day to day life is packed with stressful moments.

So our body ends up being on high alert ALL THE TIME. This can have a detrimental effect on our hormone balance and our general health.

Selecting specific foods can help improve both your mood and energy levels.

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Good mood foods

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15-page guide with tips & meal ideas

List of key nutrients essential for good mood

7 specific foods to start eating today

Meal and snack ideas to boost your mood

A high energy shopping list

A discount for the "Energise Me" programme

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Meet Sandrine.

After an exciting career in food marketing in London, Sandrine developed severe digestive issues. With little help from conventional medicine, Sandrine decided to retrain as a Nutritionist to fully understand her health issues.

Since then, Sandrine has developed a passion for digestive health and hormone balance. She enjoys helping women get to the root cause of bloating and PMS symptoms naturally, without the use of any medications.

If you are intrigued, feel free to contact Sandrine on s.olmi@savoirfayre.co.uk.

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