Bust the bloat in 4 weeks

A simple online nutrition course to help you reduce bloating and restore full energy

Who is this for?

This online nutrition course for addressing bloating and other digestive discomforts is ideal for anyone who has never worked with a nutritionist before. You will learn valuable tips to improve your digestion, to boost your energy, reduce tiredness, and cravings and you will also discover which foods are best for your body.

Every week, you will have access to an online presentation that will cover a specific topic.

By the end of this online nutrition course for gut health, you will have a better understanding of how food is digested and absorbed by the body. You will be familiar with the areas of digestion that may need support and which foods can help. Finally, you will learn tips to maintain a healthy microbiome.


Is this you: “I feel bloated all the times. Nothing I tried has helped so far.”

If you are currently feeling:

Bloated (poor digestion)

Exhausted all the time

IBS symptoms (diarrhoea / constipation /gas)

Stressed and anxious

Hormonal (Period pains and bloated stomach)

What is included?

The 4-week programme includes:

  • Weekly recorded sessions covering simple tips to improve your gut health today
  • Weekly tasks to help you implement the advice and start addressing bloating and digestive issues
  • Handouts
  • A 7-day Gut Healing meal plan
Solutions when feeling bloated

“The simple act of listening to your body is the first step towards health.”

"Yes, I want to get rid of my bloating!"

Ok, let's get started!