Hormone Harmony

A hormone and gut balancing plan for women who want to feel in charge of their body

Who is this for?

This 8-week hormone balancing programme for women is for those who suffer from symptoms such as irregular cycles, PMS, cravings, regular headaches and/or digestive discomfort such as bloating.

Research shows a strong link between gut health and hormone balance. This personalised plan will help you rebalance your body.

hormone harmony

If you are currently experiencing:

Irregular, or painful periods

Breast tenderness

Constipation and diarrhoea


Difficulties conceiving

Unexplained weight change

Skin and hair changes

What is included?

The programme includes:

  • 1 initial consultation to assess your health challenges and energy levels
  • Weekly follow-up consultations via Zoom or similar, or on the telephone
  • Regular support via emails with straightforward nutrition and lifestyle tips to boost energy levels
  • Recipe ideas 
  • Hormone Balancing Shopping list
  • Nutritious snack ideas to satisfy all cravings
  • 1 final consultation with advice for the future
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“Sandrine is really easy to talk to and put a great plan for me. I have lots more energy now!”

– Lucy, South London –

"Yes, I want to re-balance my hormones!"

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