Hormone Harmony

Balance your hormones and gut naturally and feel in control of your body.

Who is this for?

Start regaining control of your body

This 12-week programme is for women aged 35 to 55 years old who want to balance their hormones naturally. You may currently be experiencing hormonal symptoms such as irregular cycles, period pains, cravings, regular headaches, the start of perimenopausal signs and/or digestive discomfort such as bloating, reflux or IBS.

Why balance your hormones naturally?

Hormone imbalance can occur at any age, and as we age hormones decline in the body.

Our sex hormones which are involved in our cycles are part of the endocrine system. This is a very complex network of hormones interacting with different parts of our body, including the thyroid, the adrenals (stress hormones), insulin (blood sugar balancing hormone, melatonin (sleep hormone) etc...

Choose to feel better today

Hormone balance (especially for period pains, fertility, and perimenopause) is greatly influenced by diet and lifestyle choices. So there is so much you can do to balance your hormone naturally. Let me help you get started.

hormone health

If you are currently experiencing:

Irregular, or painful periods

Brain Fog

Poor Sleep

Breast tenderness

Constipation and diarrhoea


Unexplained weight change

Skin and hair changes

Other perimenopausal symptoms

Feeling Bloated

Balancing hormone naturally starts ... 

In the digestive system and the gut

Research shows a strong link between gut health and hormone balance.

When your digestion is not working as well as it should, this has an impact on the clearance of excess hormones. This can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms.

So with this plan, you will work on both your hormones and your gut health to feel amazing again..

This is ideal if you experience period pains or the first signs of perimenopause.

What is included?

The programme includes:

  • 1 initial consultation to assess your health challenges and energy levels
  • Weekly follow-up consultations via Zoom or similar, or on the telephone
  • Regular support via emails with straightforward nutrition and lifestyle tips to boost energy levels
  • Recipe ideas 
  • Hormone Balancing Shopping list
  • Nutritious snack ideas to satisfy all cravings
  • 1 final consultation with advice for the future
Solutions when feeling bloated
Breakfast when feeling bloated

What will we cover?

Learn how to balance your hormones naturally

- The hormone dance - an explanation of this complex system
- Foods to help balance your hormones (including perimenopause) and address period pains
- Foods to address bloating and to support a healthy gut
- Carefully selected natural supplements to boost your body's functions
- Lifestyle strategies and everyday tips to help you improve your general health for the long term

Be in tune with your body

By the end of the programme, you will feel truly reconnected with your body again and you will know how to support your hormones for the long term. The earliest we understand our body, the easier the transition through perimenopause. You may not be ready to hear about this phase yet but with this programme, you will be equipped to deal with it.

You can read what other clients have said here.


You can read what other clients have said here.

And you can watch an interview with a recent client here.

“I have completely changed my diet and I feel so much better. The change in food has really helped with my stress levels and any symptoms of perimenopause seem to have disappeared! Thank you Sandrine”

– DIANE, NORTH London –

"Yes, I want to re-balance my hormones!"

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