Nutritional Therapy for gut and hormone balance for women in Surrey and South West London

individual feedback

"Sandrine has truly changed my life! As a working mum of 3 young kids I was snacking constantly, suffering from sugar crashes and completely shattered every evening.. All I wanted to do after putting the kids to bed was get into my own bed and watch terrible tv until my eyes shut.
I definitely have more energy throughout the day and at night, and a better mood. I even managed to give up caffeine easily, supported by my improved nutrition and diet.
Sandrine is a font of nutrition knowledge and has shared her tips, her recipes and even other life advice (on request!) - she has been such a positive influence on my life!”

– clare, surrey –6-week energise me programme

“Sandrine has helped me find purpose and motivation on my journey to learning about the importance of digestive health, taking care of yourself and taking the small steps to get there. I have learnt about tackling challenges on the way but also about finding things that I can enjoy. Sandrine is kind , understanding and I would recommend her to everyone.”

–lucia, surrey - sibo (digestive support)

"I've suffered with severe PMT and hormone issues for years. My energy levels have also been struggling due to a very fast-paced lifestyle with a lot going on (incl. 2 young children and a full-time job). Sandrine has guided me through food, lifestyle and supplement changes to enable me to progress in my journey. If I've had a week where I have struggled with keeping on track, she is very supportive and understanding rather than making you feel negative which is so important. I feel a lot happier and less reliant on pain killers and I feel encouraged to maintain my new habits with food and self-care. I feel a lot more balanced, calmer, and have learned to be kinder to myself.”

– reena, LONDON –hormone harmony PROGRAMME

“Sandrine is incredible. She has such a brilliant understanding of each individual client and has a
wonderful manner.”

–michelle , new malden (digestive issues and endometriosis) –

"Thanks to Sandrine's Perimenopause Freedom programme, I have completely changed my diet and I feel so much better. The change in food has really helped with my stress levels and any symptoms of perimenopause seem to have disappeared.”


“My body shape has changed, especially around the middle and I have lost weight. My joints don't hurt in the morning and I have more energy when I wake up. I feel in control of my food choices and am enjoying how and what I eat. The masterclasses have helped me find a good balance between food, exercise and techniques to help relax me and I understand how this is all supporting my body and mind.”


"Sandrine is so knowledgeable, supportive and passionate about nutrition and you can genuinely feel how much she wants to help you which is so lovely. I am so glad to have found such a wonderful nutritionist and would highly recommend her to anyone!'.”


“I was really suffering from migraines before (ie one every night) and now it’s a rarity. The 3-month Ultimate Gut Relief programme has definitely improved my quality of life. Each and every session with Sandrine has been a pleasure. She’s easy to talk to, non-judgemental, and always full of praise. I’ve loved every minute of my journey and can’t wait to carry on with Sandrine as my guide.”


"In May 2020 I started working with Sandrine on my gut health. It’s been quite a journey as the tests which Sandrine recommended showed I had multiple digestive issues. Sandrine was very supportive in guiding me through the treatment, even when I despaired with the difficulties I was facing at the time. She was very open-minded and did loads of research on some of the less common problems I have. I’ve stuck to the diet that benefits me and continue to do so. Little did I know that an unexpected benefit would be that for the first time in 11 years that I wouldn’t get my seasonal hay fever this year. This is huge for me and life-changing. It’s directly as a result of healing the gut over the last year.”


“After years battling with SIBO on my own with no success, I am now feeling better and hopeful that I can finally heal.”


"Just finished a 6-week program with Sandrine and was really pleased with her personal 1 to 1 approach. She listened to me & what I wanted to start sorting and pointed me in the right direction. I never felt I was being told what to do. Sandrine listens and guides people. Great results in a short time and plenty to carry on working on for the future.”


“Sandrine is really easy to talk to and put together a great plan for me. I have lots more energy now. She followed up quickly after both visits and always left me inspired to try out different types of foods and recipes. Highly recommended!”

– Lucy, Raynes Park  –

"Sandrine not only helped me get rid of my medications, but she also helped me change my outlook on life.”


“Sandrine helped me focus on how I wanted to feel and how I could make that happen.”

– Sophie, Guilford –

“Sandrine has been a pleasure to work with, advising me on nutrition, including my wellbeing. She is there for you every step of the way, with support and ample recipes and solutions to get you to combat your normal day-to-day living. I would not hesitate to recommend Sandrine.”

– Cathy, Sutton –

family feedback

“Sandrine shared some big eye-openers and made some excellent suggestions to reduce our ‘hidden’ sugar levels!”

– Sarah, Worcester Park  –

“Sandrine was amazing! Me and my family have learnt so much from the sessions. It has definitely changed our lives because now we actually think about what we are putting into our bodies. Me and my family loved the cooking sessions and now we enjoy cooking and the recipes given to us are so yummy. Would highly recommend!”

– Demi, Sutton –

“We had our family session with Sandrine in November ‘19. Since then mealtimes are gradually getting easier. We found ourselves in a rut as our children’s repertoire of food was getting smaller! With Sandrine’s help and advice we find ourselves enjoying meals again - trying new foods, designing meal plans together. Thank you Sandrine!”

– Gill, Worcester Park  –

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