your gut knows.

“When you start supporting the health of your gut, you are taking steps towards boosting your overall health.”

healthy gut, healthy body.

Have you had enough of your bloating, acid reflux or other IBS symptoms? Are you looking for solutions to improve your gut health?

You may have suffered for years without knowing precisely what is causing your discomfort or even when it actually started. Whether you are experiencing bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, cramps, all these signs are making you feel really uncomfortable and are without a doubt affecting your quality of life.

Let me say one thing: all these signs are NOT normal. I have been there and now let me help you.


signs of poor gut health.

gas & bloating



heart burn / acid reflux

anxiety & depression

skin issues like eczema

constant fatigue

low mood

poor concentration

sugar cravings

Are you ready to say goodbye to your bloating?

How to reduce bloating

Bust the bloat in 4 weeks.

Are you a busy mum looking to rediscover your zest for life? Learn how addressing your bloated feeling can provide you with energy and strength for today and for the years to come.

Energise Me.

This nutrition coaching programme is specifically designed for new mums and any mums who struggle to get their energy back following having their child/children, 1 year, 2 years or maybe several years later.

If you feel bloated, lethargic and sensitive to many foods, this programme is for you.

New Mum and Baby
Balance hormones naturally

Hormone Harmony.

This 8-week programme is designed for women who suffer from symptoms such as irregular cycles, PMS (period pains), cravings, regular headaches and/or digestive discomfort such as bloating and acid reflux.

Research shows a strong link between gut health and hormone balance. This personalised plan will help you rebalance your body.

Ultimate Gut Relief.

Do you feel tired and heavy after eating? Do you experience bloating, gas, acid reflux or other IBS symptoms? Do you feel like you have tried everything but you are still not feeling good?

This programme is for you if your digestion is not working at its best and you want to take back control of your body.

Feeling Bloated

Functional Testing.

In some cases, focusing on food and lifestyle strategies may not be sufficient to find the cause of the gut imbalance.

Functional testing may seem like an investment but the data provided can give us invaluable information to address imbalances, making the whole healing process more targeted and therefore much more effective.

“Sandrine not only helped me get rid of my medications, but she also helped me change my outlook on life."