nutrigenomics - how to eat for your genes

“Your genes are not your destiny. Find out how you can influence them and take your health to the next level.”

Nutrigenomics - discover how your unique genetic makeup impacts your health and learn how to eat for your genes. 

What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics - how to eat for your gene. 
Nutrigenomics is broadly defined as the relationship between the nutrients our body needs to function (vitamins and minerals), our diet, and our gene expression (which determines what the cells of our body can do).
The food you eat every day has a strong effect on how you “express” the instructions encoded in your DNA. Your diet can turn on or off certain genetic markers which play a major role in your health outcomes.
Today you can discover how your unique genetic makeup impacts your health, whether it’s hormone health, brain health, gut health or many other areas.
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The benefits of Nutrigenomics include: 

Understanding and addressing potential nutrient deficiencies

Addressing symptoms of hormone imbalance

General brain health support (ie: anxiety, poor sleep, migraines)

Identification of food intolerances

Prevention of illnesses and common health conditions

Nutrigenomics allows you to tailor your diet to align with your genetic profile and prevent or address long term health conditions.

DNA testing

Genomics is changing the future of health and medicine. Variations in our genome (DNA) are what makes each of us unique and can have significant impacts on our life and health. Whilst one gene variant can make a difference, most chronic diseases result from the interplay between multiple common variants (SNPs) and environmental factors.

I work with a company called Lifecode Gx®. This personal health company offers a unique service in that it applies the latest genomics science to enable a preventative, proactive and personalised approach to health.



DNA Tests and Reports: 

Nutrient Core




Histamine Intolerance

Oestrogen Balance


Nervous System




Are you feeling curious about your genes?


How does it work?

A nutrigenomics test can be done at any age, from one day old to a hundred years young. The earlier you test the sooner you can tailor your diet and lifestyle to work with and support your genetics.

Testing is very quick and easy

A simple cotton swab is provided to collect loose cells from the inside of your mouth. It is sent off to a lab for analysis, and the results are ready two to three weeks later.

What happens to your data?

At Lifecode Gx, data privacy and protection is our priority. Your data is safe, secure and confidential. Samples are anonymised, and the data is used exclusively to produce your personalised nutrigenomics report(s). Your sample is destroyed after 3 months, and your data will never be shared or sold.

What happens next?

Your nutrition expert will analyse the results for you and will produce a Nutritional Plan based on your report.

The good news is that while we can’t change our genes, we can influence them with diet, lifestyle strategies and our environment. With support, you could achieve great results without the need to retest.

Personalised DNA package - Option 1


The package includes:

- 1 x Initial Consultation to identify the best reports for you

- 1 x DNA kit

- 1 report (additional reports are £200 each)

- Interpretation of the results for up to 2 reports

- 1 x Follow up consultation and a personalised nutrition plan based on your test results



Healthy Meal Plans

Personalised DNA package - Option 2


The package includes:

- 1 x DNA kit

- 1 report (additional reports are £200 each)

- Interpretation of the results

- 1 x Follow up consultation and a personalised nutrition plan based on your test results

1 PAYMENT OF £399 OR 2 PAYMENTS OF £199.50 



No more guesses - Discover how science can empower you to make informed choices that harmonise with your genetic predispositions. 

Nutrigenomics Training

When working with nutrigenomics, it is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or registered Nutritional Therapist who specialises in this field to ensure accurate interpretation of genetic information and personalised recommendations.

I am proud to say that I have completed the Lifecode Gx Practitioner Programme and I'm attending regular lectures to further expand my knowledge in this area which is constantly evolving.


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