Courgette Hummus

Courgette and mint dip Suitable for low FODMAP diet This recipe was inspired by Suzanne Perazzini, from Strands of My Life blog which I highly recommend if you have been advised to follow a low FODMAP diet. This dip is a great snack to have with crudités or with oat cakes. … Continue reading

Gluten free Orange and Chocolate Cake

Flourless Orange Cake This gluten free cake recipe was inspired by Instead of covering the cake with a sugary syrup, I have added dark chocolate chips to the batter. Orange and chocolate is always a popular combination. Serves 12 Ingredients 2 oranges 3 eggs 200g caster sugar 300g almond meal 1 … Continue reading

5 tips to reduce food waste

Did you know that UK households throw away 7 million tonnes of food every year. How much money could you save by reducing your food waste? At the end of each week, do you find yourself throwing away a lot of food? Have the items reached their use by date or … Continue reading