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5 tips for surviving the Christmas season

Christmas is around the corner. The season for indulgent treats has officially started. 

Here are 5 top tips for surviving the Christmas season and to help you make the most of it without destroying your healthy eating habits.

1. Alcohol intake – before, during and after the party

If you do attend any gatherings, here are a few tips on how to support your body when it comes to enjoying a glass or 2. Before joining the party, have a couple of glasses of water and eat some nutritious food if you know there will not be any food on offer. During the evening, try to include a couple of glasses of water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks. And as soon as you get home, drink more water to keep your body hydrated through the night. This will help minimise the effects of dehydration the following day.


A little helping hand from nature

Milk Thistle is a popular herbal remedy for a hangover due to its long history of having been taken to help protect the liver from damage. It helps the liver eliminate alcohol faster from the body. Milk Thistle can be taken as tablets both before and after your night out. You can read about the science around this herb right HERE


If you must have a coffee, drink plenty of water beforehand because coffee will dehydrate you even more. Go for ginger or peppermint tea to help with reducing nausea and stomach pain. Replace vitamin and minerals with apple juice, cranberry juice or coconut water (orange juice can irritate the stomach).

Make sure you have good food. A hot bowl of oat porridge has plenty of essential nutrients like B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Oats can help neutralise acids in the body and raise blood sugar levels, giving you an instant energy boost.

During the day

Eat plenty of vegetables throughout the day and make sure you have a good portion of protein with lunch and dinner. And keep drinking water to flush out the toxins.

2. Don’t skip meals 

It is much better to eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day, including a snack before the party. This will make you less tempted to attack the dessert table and more able to make good food choices. Although, let’s be honest. It is Christmas. So a little of everything is totally ok. 

3. Fill up on good protein and vegetables 

One good thing about Christmas food is that you can usually find some good choices among all of the treats. For your Christmas dinner, fill your plate first with meat, vegetables and potato and try not to go back for a second helping. When it comes to parties, try to pick healthier options, such as raw vegetables and nuts. Make sure you move away from the food table. It is so easy to eat when the food is right next to us. Distractions are very effective. 

4. Everything in moderation – it is Christmas after all 

Even though you are going to stick to healthy food options as much as possible (or at least try) it is still okay to treat yourself. The key is to keep it as a treat. If you want to make sure there is a healthier treat option at the party (one that includes natural ingredients and less sugar), why not offer to make it and bring it!

5. Get moving!

If you are anticipating indulging a little bit more during this season make sure to also increase your physical activity. This time of year can be very busy but it is important to still make time to go to the gym, get out for a run, or attend your favourite fitness class. Get the whole family to join you for a nice walk outside.

And most importantly, have a lovely time! 

I hope you have enjoyed these 5 tops tips to survive the Christmas season. And maybe you are already thinking about January. Perhaps healthy New Year’s resolution? If so, you may be interested in reading this.

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