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Gluten-free spinach pancakes

Cooking once, eating twice

Have you heard of this expression? This is when you make a recipe that can be eaten twice in different ways. These gluten-free spinach pancakes fit into this category. If like me, you have young children to feed and you are looking at your diet to keep your hormones happy, this recipe is ideal. Eating the same food as our children simply is not quite enough unless they eat everything. It is not the case in my house so I make sure I add highly nutritious food onto my plate, to avoid nutrient deficiencies. As we get older, our nutritional needs change. If you wish to discuss this, feel free to request a free chat HERE.

How to get kids to eat their veggies – these gluten-free spinach pancakes will be a hit!

My daughter will only eat frozen peas (still frozen), the occasional red pepper, and the occasional raw carrot. That’s it when it comes to vegetables. I have an interesting case in my hand.

We have tried smoothies and although she enjoyed them for a while, she is now refusing them. I am now baking cakes with vegetables as an ingredient. Lately, I have made these courgette muffins and they were a big hit.

Green Vegetables

Green pancakes for the whole family

This is such a versatile recipe and it will be enjoyed by the whole family. I first made those gluten-free spinach pancakes for my 5-year-old daughter. This is the only way she will eat any kind of green vegetables. Can you identify with that?

She has been watching a cartoon on TV with aliens. So we have called these pancakes “alien pancakes”. It worked, She loves them as they are. Sometimes, I will add a little nut butter and honey to make sure she enjoys them.

Little adjustments

I have tweaked the recipe a little by using a banana instead of apple sauce / puree. I have also used frozen spinach instead of fresh leaves. I have also added flaxseeds for added fibre.

Did you know you can freeze pancakes? Such a great time saver!

I had made a big batch of them so I can store some in the freezer for another day. Then one morning, I was looking for a breakfast idea for myself. I’m always in favour of quick breakfasts, that are easy on the digestion yet full of nutrition. I decided to eat some of my daughter’s pancakes. I added apple sauce, raspberries and mint.

What a combination! I invite you to try it as soon as you can.


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