Quick Lunch Recipes

20-minute lunch recipes

Move away toast, lunch is about to get exciting.

I am so pleased to share my favourite 20-minute lunch recipes. Lunch does not have to be the same everyday. It is so easy to grab a piece of bread and to put something on it but it can get boring. Most importantly, it is probably not quite enough food to keep you going all afternoon.

Is time a key issue for you around lunchtime? Well, here are 6 recipes that will help you make lunch exciting again in a few minutes.

Personally, I try to avoid bread for lunch as I find I eat a more varied diet that way unless I am about out and about. With a little planning, it is possible to prepare a super quick meal with cupboard ingredients and whatever is in the fridge.

The key point is to remember is to combine some protein with some healthy fat and plenty of vegetables. You can also add wholegrains for added energy such as quinoa, buckwheat or brown rice.

Ready to try something new?

Download the recipes and start planning for the rest of the week. You will soon get very creative. Enjoy!

Did you enjoy these 20-minute lunch recipes?

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