My 3 post-holiday intentions

That post-holiday feeling – how to make it last!

It’s September. The kids are back at school and most adults will be back at work by now. Our routine starts again: getting up early, going to work, coming home, making dinner and going to bed.

When you come back from holiday, your head feels light and clear and this is your chance to look at your life in a different way. Looking from the outside, you can spot what you are perhaps doing wrong or in excess but also the things you should be doing to keep you happy. So, now is a great time to reassess what you do every day. Let’s find those little changes which will make you happy and relaxed all year around.

Here are 3 post-holiday intentions: 3 things I want to do differently following my holiday

A. Stay connected with nature

During my lovely holiday in the south of France, I really appreciated my time walking in the woods, swimming in rivers, having a picnic in the countryside etc… What a lovely way to rediscover the natural beauty around us.

From now, I want to make sure I get to connect with nature a couple of times a month. It helps clear the mind, reduces stress levels and it helps to think clearly, away from distractions.


B. Use technology less and discover mindfulness

This one is really difficult for me. As well as being a Nutritional Therapist, I am also a Digital Marketer. I spend quite a bit of time managing social media accounts for clients. I find social media very addictive and a big distraction when I try to concentrate on a specific task.

My big step for the months to come is to manage when I go online. My plan is to write down in my diary the times I will dedicate to social media. As a result, I am expecting to find more free time to think and to do things I enjoy like walking in my local park for 30 minutes at lunch time or reading (which is something I struggle to fit in my day). I expect it will also help me improve my focus and concentration. I feel I need to learn how to appreciate the present moment. For more information about mindfulness, check this site.

C. Socialise in person instead of online

Spending time with friends and family over the summer has been wonderful. Although we feel we know what everyone is up to via Facebook or WhatsApp, connecting with people in person is truly fantastic.

So again, another one of my post-holiday intentions for the months to come is to dedicate more time to the ones closest to me. According to researchers, socialising can make us feel happier and healthier. Time goes by so fast that it is important to create lovely memories of good times. Nothing can replace a good laugh over a delicious meal.

Do you have any post-holiday intentions? Do you feel that you want to improve how you feel every day? Although I haven’t mentioned nutrition as my intentions, it is a first step to feeling good both physically and mentally. If you wish to find out more about Nutritional Therapy, feel free to get in touch


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