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5 benefits of working with a family Nutritionist

Eating healthy can be a challenge for anyone. Encouraging our family to eat well may feel like a never ending battle. But help is here.

Did you know that you can work with a family Nutritionist? Let me explain how it works and the benefits of working with a family Nutritionist.

A family approach to nutrition can be really motivating and inspiring for all members of your family.

What is a family nutrition session?

A family nutrition session starts with a very informal chat with the whole family (either in your house or on Zoom) to help me understand the challenges, the individual health goals of each family member and likes and dislikes around food.

We also chat about who is cooking within the family, who buys the food, who makes lunches and dinners, who enjoys cooking and who doesn’t etc…

Family attending a Family Nutrition Session

We chat about food that is the house. No judgement, simply practical advice to make meals a little healthier one bite at a time. We may look at the breakfast cereals you eat every day, the snacks you purchase every week and the drinks the family enjoys during the week and at the weekend. These are just a few examples of the things we talk about.

I then come up with a simple plan to give the family some focus. We agree on family goals and we work out together the things to put in place in order to achieve those health goals and feel both healthier and happier.

Working with a family Nutritionist has so many benefits, some of them may surprise you. Here are some benefits which I have discovered while working with families.

5 surprising benefits of working with a family Nutritionist

  1. DISCOVER THE REASONS BEHIND FUSSY EATING – If you have a fussy eater within your family, you may discover the real reason behind their behaviour. Sometimes as parents, we want to do the best for our children but we may not show the best example (harsh but true). A family nutritionist will help address personal issues which may affect how the rest of the family eats.
  2. HIDDEN INGREDIENTS – Your family may be eating foods that you feel are good for everyone but they may have hidden ingredients that are impacting on your efforts to remain healthy. Hidden sugars in breakfast cereals and snacks are a very common example
  3. GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE AROUND FOOD – You may find out that your children are a little more adventurous than you. That’s totally ok of course. You will learn to encourage them to keep trying new foods even if you don’t like them. You will feel confident that you are giving your children the best choice of foods for them to be strong and healthy.
  4. UPGRADE YOUR EATING HABITS – You are likely to discover that old habits you kept from your own parents are in fact not so great for your health. One example is drinking fizzy drinks on a daily basis or choosing low-fat foods over full-fat foods.
  5. BUILD STRONG BOND WITH YOUR FAMILY – Shopping for real ingredients, cooking lovely meals and enjoying them as a family can truly bring your family closer together. It’s a simple activity that can bring joy and closer bonds amongst family members. Children love being independent. Cooking is an activity where they can demonstrate many skills.

Small changes = healthier family

As you can see, everyone in the family benefits from learning to cook and exploring new foods. I absolutely love seeing the changes that take place after my first chat with families. Children love getting involved in the kitchen and they really enjoy sharing pictures of the meals they have created.

I organise these sessions to help you highlight the habits you may have learned during your childhood. You may not be aware of these habits. And that’s ok. I am here to guide you so you know you are doing the best for your family.

Very small changes can make a huge difference. For example, if you have a snack cupboard, why not replace it with a healthy corner. When healthy food is on display, it does get eaten. (it works for my fussy daughter) And don’t forget that your children learn from you. They will pick up your habits as they think it is the right thing to do.

Here is what one family said:

“We had our family session with Sandrine. Since then mealtimes are gradually getting easier. We found ourselves in a rut as our children’s repertoire of food was getting smaller! With Sandrine’s help and advice, we find ourselves enjoying meals again – trying new foods, designing meal plans together. Thank you Sandrine 😆👍🏼

How do I book a family nutrition session?

By choosing to work with a Nutritionist who specialises in family nutrition, you are giving your family an opportunity to build a healthy relationship with food and create great eating habits which will last a lifetime.

So if you are finding it challenging right now to eat healthily and need a little helping hand because it is simply too stressful, I would love to help you.

Feel free to request a free chat HERE or you can email me at s.olmi@savoirfayre.co.uk.

To find out what is included in family nutrition session visit https://www.savoirfayre.co.uk/family-nutrition/

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