Healthier cake recipes for little ones' birthday party

How to reduce your children’s sugar intake without them noticing

Are you planning a child’s birthday party? Have you been invited to a party and are you dreading the sugar overload and E numbers your children will be exposed to?

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Today I am sharing a selection of blogs and websites that offer tasty alternatives to the traditional sugary cakes made with refined sugar. Unfortunately, the bad news is that there isn’t such a thing as a healthy cake. Even though those healthier cake recipes contain less sugar, they should still only be considered as treats and therefore consumed occasionally.

  1. I Quit Sugar from Sarah Wilson: This is my first go to website when I want to find a treat that won’t send the family blood sugar levels overboard. Her Chocolate Zucchini Bread is delicious and so are the Sweet Potato Brownies (particularly good the next day if you can wait that long).
  2. Elana’s pantry is the go-to website for grain-free recipes. Her Frozen Banana Bites are great for kids. She also has a recipe for gluten-free Gummy Bears. No E numbers in those sweets!
  3. vegancakeballglutenfree-1778

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    Oh She Glows is a plant-based blog with amazing recipes. Some of them are gluten-free. I love these Chocolate Cake Balls for kids parties.

  4. For a quick snack after school or if you need a breakfast on the go, you should try these 2-ingredient oatmeal cookies. They are so simple to make and particularly delicious warm.
  5. I enjoy baking with buckwheat flour. It is naturally gluten free and is richer in minerals than wheat. Why not try these Chocolate Carrot Muffins made with buckwheat flour from Anja’s Food 4 Thought.
  6. Kids love muffins, right? Here is a recipe from Laura Agar Wilson at Wholeheartedly Healthy which uses buckwheat, banana and almond butter. If your kids are not keen on avocados (good healthy fats essential for the body), why not try this fudgy avocado brownies.
  7. To conclude, here is my own carrot cake recipe with cashew and orange frosting. This may be a cake for the adults but kids will enjoy it too.

With regards to sugar, my advice would be to progressively reduce the amount you put in when baking. To start with, you can half the sugar in standard recipes. Our taste buds do change when we reduce our sugar consumption. It is a good habit to give to your children. This applied to all sweeteners including artificial ones which are to be avoided completely as they also influence blood sugar levels.

If you have created your own healthier cake recipes with little or no sugar, feel free to share it at the bottom of this post. Happy baking!

If you are interested in finding out more about family nutrition, you will enjoy this section on my website. 

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