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FRD15-logo-with-strapSo today is Food Revolution Day which is a global campaign to put compulsory practical food education on the school curriculum. 

Jamie Oliver, who is behind this campaign, passionately believes that “by educating children about food in a fun and engaging way, we can equip them with the basic skills they need to lead healthier, happier lives, for themselves and their future families.”

Watch his video to find out more about the campaign. 

When I grew up in France, food was a major part of family life. Immediately after lunch, my mother would plan the next meal. She was always making sure it was going to be well balanced but most importantly tasty and satisfying for the whole family. Homemade cooking was a skill which was passed down from both grand-parents and parents to the children.

It does sadden me to see that some people see food as a functional tool to stay alive. Is it because some of us never get the chance to experience this amazing connection with food or is it due to a lack of inspiration and time? In my opinion, a big contributor to this, is the abundance of conveniently packaged products as supposed to real food, full of flavour and nutrients. Buying produce from a supermarket can destroy that attachment to earth. And because people don’t feel any connection, they have a tendency to waste much more than if they had grown the produce themselves.

Picking produce from a field or a garden brings such a pride and joy. It encourages people to come together to discover,  share and embrace true flavours. 

Of course, I appreciate that not everyone has time to grow their own fruits and vegetables but everyone should be encouraged to cook regularly with fresh and seasonal produce. What a great pleasure when you receive a box full of seasonal vegetables! Creating nutrient-packed and flavoursome dishes is a wonderful activity. The planning and preparation is as rewarding as the eating.

I support Jamie’s campaign fully because we need children and adults to reconnect with food in order to live a healthier and fulfilling life. Caring for our planet starts with respecting what goes on our plates. I am as passionate as Jamie about teaching people of all ages how to discover the simple pleasures in life: the art of eating real food. I want to help bring simple and real taste back on their plates. I want to help people take charge of their health for the future. 

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