6 reasons to teach teenagers how to cook

6 Reasons to teach teenagers how to cook

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day and sadly it is well known that more and more teenagers suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Food choices can impact greatly on the way teenagers feel from one day to the next. For this reason, I have written a post with tips on how to feed Teens minds to make them feel a little happier which you will find on the Sutton Complementary Health Network of whom I am a member.

A fantastic activity which seems to lift the spirits of teenagers by encouraging engagement and participation is cooking from scratch. Today I share 6 reasons why every parent should spend time with their teenagers in the kitchen.

1. It is an essential life skill

Cooking is such a vital skill to pass on to your children. Once they leave home, being able to prepare simple yet nutritious meals will keep them healthy and happy.

2. It brings the family together

Cooking is a fun activity you can do with your son or daughter. Planning, cooking and eating a meal together is a great way to spend special time together.

3. It helps to introduce new flavours

Cooking encourages the discovery of new ingredients and new tastes. This will broaden your children’s palate and they will be more willing to try new foods you prepare.

4. It helps to relax the brain

Research shows that cooking can relieve anxiety and depression. When preparing food, teens are encouraged to be fully engaged and present. After a busy day studying, this is ideal to clear a preoccupied mind.

5. It helps build teenagers confidence and self-esteem

Allowing teenagers in the kitchen and involving them in the preparation of meals will boost their self-esteem and confidence. Offering trust will encourage your teenagers to become independent adults.

6. It teaches about nutrition and healthy eating

The earlier Teens learn about healthy foods, the better equipped they will be later on in life when they need to choose their own food to eat. Children who cook become Adults who cook

If you are keen to teach your teenager how to cook, but you are not a keen cook yourself, I would be delighted to help. I offer healthy cooking lessons, in London or in the Surrey area, which are delivered in the comfort of your kitchen. Feel free to get in touch to find out more. You can also book a lesson by calling me on 07983335647.


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