From poor digestive health to full energy recovery

My Nutrition Story – A focus on digestive health

Discomfort from poor digestive health can be so debilitating. The list of symptoms is very long and can include reflux, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, mouth ulcers, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, candida, and more severe conditions.
I have suffered from a long-lasting issue with my gut and this is the reason why I decided to study nutrition. I was unable to improve my condition with the help of conventional doctors. So I decided to take my health into my own hands. What I discovered changed my life forever. Helping people feel great through foods and lifestyle strategies has become my passion and mission as a result of this journey.


What symptoms did I have?
– constant bloating – unbearable after certain foods
– IBS symptoms with diarrhea (sorry TMI!!)
– Hormone imbalance (sore breasts was the worse thing to live with)
– Low energy (not right in your 30’s


While studying for my diploma, I tried so many things:
– Gluten-free diet (helped massively but not enough to make me feel “normal”
– Dairy-free (helped manage hormones)
– Reduced caffeine (helped with hormones and energy)
– I did the FODMAP diet (identified trigger foods like cauliflower and red kidney beans)
– I removed sugar completely ( this helped to improve my FSH levels for fertility)
– I balanced my blood sugar levels ( I used to rely on sugar for energy and faint regularly!!!)
– I introduced a LOT MORE vegetables ( I thought I was reasonably healthy)
And guess what? I still didn’t feel great.
So I then looked into testing.


I did the following:
– hair analysis (identified heavy metals in my body and also mineral deficiencies)
–  Stool test (identified dysbiosis also called leaky gut with an imbalance of bacteria and presence of candida).
– Vitamin and mineral check
–  Hormonal tests including the Dutch Test.


With this information, I was finally able to tackle the issue head-on focusing on the right areas.
I did a leaky gut healing programne for about 6 months. And I finally got my life back. I am now able to eat a good quality sourdough bread and the occasional pasta although I now prefer buckwheat pasta as they are more nutritious.


So what was the underlying cause of my digestive issues? Well, after 3 years of study and another year of research, I finally found my trigger: it was severe food poisoning while abroad.


I find gut health truly fascinating. It has such an impact on energy, nutrient absorption, hormone balancing, weight, skin health, allergies and much more. I am always attending conferences on this topic to learn about the latest research and discoveries.
If you feel that your digestion is not optimal, feel free to get in touch. We can have a chat to explore how personal nutrition can make you feel better. You contact me via email at or you can call me on 07983335647.

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